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«Let Us Introduce Ourselves-2010» - Second Day. We Light the Stars!

13.10.2010 14:46

The program of the second day of the freshmen festival «Let Us Introduce Ourselves. Silver Star» was very busy. The concert hall was so packed with fans that couldn't let everybody to come in. The students of the Department of Sociology and Administration, the Department of Physical Education and the History Department participated in the contest today.

The Department of Sociology and Management coped with the task to open the concert perfectly. This fact was noted by Julia Lototskaya, who is chairman of the jury. Fans and spectators liked the slogan "Dance all, because we have the X-factor" and especially the star jury, which consisted of Vlad Yama and rapper Syeroha, and even a music critic Sosyedov. Students parodied them so that it was impossible to recognize by voice if it was a student or the real star guests who visited ZNU? Two female vocalists were the best - Elena Struk with Lara Fabian’s song, which she translated into Ukrainian, and Olga Sykorska, which lit the audience with two songs "Cabaret" and "I Feel Good”. Julia Lototskaya proposed to create a musical based on her performance. And this department’s freshman differentiated from all the other contestants because they made short videos about each person in their team.
Faculty of Physical Education enchanted the audience with original performances, colorful costumes and loud support of their fans. But the judges questioned the absence of vocal numbers, although in our opinion, dance performances, and brilliant performance of the gymnasts compensated their shortcomings.
Hosts of the evening, members of the jury and all the fans were enchanted by Anne Duhopol , who showed a professional hip-hop, which was noticed by Irina Ushakova, director of choreographic studios «DALS». Gymnastic performance with a ball and mace from Catherine Sylyavina and Marina Bosyeva emphasized the traditional specificity of the Faculty of Physical Education. Ihor Lutsov and his team "Spas" cheered the public with their choreographed staging.
Faculty of History decided to begin their concert with the choreographic performance - boys and girls danced hip-hop. Leader Nikita Zaretsky decided to charm the audience by own written romantic poem. Girls were subdued by the vocal ability and guitar playing of Alexander Minaev, who performed two songs: "Hotabych" and "Susie».
But there were some minuses in the History Department’s performance. As Julia Lototskaya said, support the public sometimes only hurts the artists, and does not help. Moreover, freshmen were not very careful in selection of their anchorperson. She shouted in the microphone all the time. But we hope that these technical problems won’t be noticed any more at the festival performances of freshmen "Let us introduce ourselves-2010. Two more days of competition are going to follow the program.