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Law Department Created Own "Law Alley"

07.12.2010 14:14

Supporting the national action "Law Week" the students and teachers of the Law Department created own "Law Alley", where planted 21 trees. It was one of the series of events devoted to the National Law Week.

The action participants started to plant rowan and ash trees near the city "Rainbow" fountains. The Dean Tetiana Kolomoets said: «It is very important action for us. It is well-known that one needs to build a house, raise a child and plant a tree. We already have a home - it's our university. We educate students too. Now it is a time to plant trees».
More than 100 students joined the action. They donated own money, bought the trees and negotiated all the legal issues with city authorities. Students plan to keep looking after the Law Alley and plant more trees here in future.