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Counselling on study program selection: projects for prospective students “University Applicant”

Results of the Photo Contest "The Best Photo of School Graduates"

Rector's Cup “Fun Run - Applicant – 2019”

Rules for Rector's Cup “Fun Run - Applicant – 2019” (pdf, 268 Kb)

Competitions are held in order to:

  • promote healthy lifestyle, physical culture, and sports;
  • involve school graduates in the cultural and sports activities of Zaporizhzhia National University;
  • choose the strongest sports teams.

High school teams participate in the competition. The team consists of 7 people (4 male and 3 female) and 1 team leader. Participation is possible for the teams having more female athletes or female teams. Pupils in 11th grade can apply for the participation in the competitions.

Project “One Day at University”

This project allows all high school pupils (11th grade) to spend a day as university students of any specialty. During the day pupils are able to:

  • meet the academic staff and the dean at the faculty of their choice;
  • attend a lecture;
  • attend a seminar / practical class / tutorial (on the topic of the lecture);
  • meet the faculty’s student council and participate in their mini-event.

The pupils of eleventh grade will soon be tasked with selecting the subjects of the EIT, and later make a choice of the higher education establishment.

Project objectives: to enable 11th graders to gain first-hand knowledge of the chosen profession or determine what specialty interests them most.

(to provide information about education at ZNU, to show the most interesting and attractive components of studies at the university)


  • to organize counselling on study program selection and career guidance at faculty levels;
  • to give the prospective students a chance to experience the university atmosphere;
  • to create interest in the study programs at ZNU;
  • to provide media coverage for ZNU and ZNU Student Council.