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Centre for Educational Counselling for Foreigners

The director of the International Center for foreign citizens

Muts Luai Faisal

Location: Soborny ave 226, office 53, the 2nd floor
Zaporizhya 69006, Ukraine

For correspondence: Soborny ave, 226
Zaporizhya 69006, Ukraine


Email: d.lulu1978@gmail.com

The specialist of the 1st category

Zhovnir-Vasylenko Kseniіa Volodymyrivna

The specialist of the 1nd category

Zhurba Viktoriia Valeriivna

The Zaporizhya national university is the unique establishment of higher education in the Zaporizhya region to train specialists in such areas as «Industrial and Civil Engineering», «Urban Engineering and Services», «Micro- and Nano-System Technology», «Industrial Management» from specialities as

  • 191 «Architecture and town-planning»,
  • 192 «Buildings and civil engineering»,
  • 193 «Geodesies and organization» of the use of land,
  • 194 «Hydrotechnical building, water engineering and water technologies»,
  • 153 «Micro- and Nano-System Technology»,
  • 073 «Management»,
  • 242 «Tourisms»,
  • 051 «Economy (International economy)»,
  • 035 «Philology (Language and literature (English)»,
  • 291 the «International relations, public communications and regional studios»,
  • 101 «Ecology (Ecology, guard of environment and balanced use of nature)».

Exactly such directions, as building, management and electronics, is one of those, which the states which develop need sharp are in. Swift development of economy is instrumental in it in the countries of Asia and Africa, and also political situation which was folded for today in some countries of the noted regions.

For today the Preparatory Department has demand among students from the countries of Asia and Africa. Purposeful preparation on a language, mathematicians, physics, and on other disciplines that are set in the plans of Department of education and science of Ukraine, – is the first important stage on the way of receipt of higher education by foreigners.

After termination of studies the listeners of the Preparatory Department get the certificate and they have the possibility to continue studies on the basic faculties of University. The foreign students get in University educationally qualification levels of bachelor’s and master's degrees from the proper directions of education and diplomas of international standard.

Quality of educational process, qualification of teachers, provide the high level of knowledge for students after completion of studies and create terms for their subsequent adaptation in a profession.

Zaporozhia national university has got an extansive experience and rich traditions to provide educational services foreigners. Preparation of specialists for foreign countries is conducted in university from 1950 year. During this period our university has educated more than 3000 engineers, which are the citizens from China, Palestine, Congo, Sudan, USA, Jordan, Vietnam, Madagascar, Syria, Morocco, Cambodia, Tunis and other countries of the world.

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