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International activity

International activities at the Faculty of Biology are carried out on the basis of the Development Strategy of Zaporizhzhia National University and the Development Strategy of the Faculty of Biology. In recent years, the international activities of the faculty have significantly intensified and are aimed at internationalization and student-centered learning. In a changing society, this is a necessary component of any institution of higher education and a requirement of today.

The main tasks and goals of international activities are cooperation with foreign educational institutions in the field of research and educational activities, preparation and implementation of international projects, as well as intensification of academic mobility of teachers and graduates at all levels. Also among the strategic goals are increasing the level of foreign language proficiency of all faculty members and teaching disciplines with elements of a foreign language. One of the tasks is to involve teachers from foreign educational institutions in the teaching process and to involve foreign students to the learning at the faculty.

The geography of the faculty's connections is constantly expanding through the joint efforts of the team. There is also a constant search for new partners in Ukraine and abroad.

Teachers of the Faculty of Biology improve their skills through international internships and participate (including personal) in numerous international scientific conferences. The geography of conferences is not limited to Europe, but also includes countries in Asia, America and other. The number of publications in international scientific journals (including those that indexed in Scopus and Web of Science) has increased significantly.

Prospects for the development of international activities are the development of cooperation, applying for new international projects, internships by teachers and students, increasing the number of international scientific publications and intensifying participation in international conferences.

The faculty actively cooperates with the University of Pitesti (Romania) - for three years in a row ZNU was a co-organizer of the international scientific symposium "Current Trends in Nature Science" organized by the University of Pitesti and faculty members take an active part in its holding.

The faculty has access for students and faculty staff to take free courses on the Coursera platform with a limit of 25,000 users per year. Access Administrator – Vice-Dean for International Affairs of the Faculty of Biology Ph.D. Olena Boika.