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Faculty of Foreign Philology


Address: Zhukovsky str., 66-А (2nd academic building of ZNU), office 308.
Ph. # (061) 289-12-09; (061) 289-12-85; 289-41-01 (part-time department).




Dean of the Faculty
Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor

Deputy Dean for Studies:
Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor
(2nd academic building of ZNU), office 306;(061) 289-75-59

Deputy Dean for Educational Work:
senior lecturer
(2nd academic building of ZNU), office 302

Faculty trains specialists in "Philology"

Specializations: English Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature, translation (English) translation (French) translation (German).
Faculty graduates can work as teachers in higher education, teachers and school directors, translators and reviewers in enterprises, public institutions, travel agencies, mass media.
Methodological basis consists of the Faculty textbooks, developed by teachers of the Faculty and purchased the world's leading publishers, or obtained the assistance of world-renowned institutions like Goethe Institute, the International Association of Germanists, Bosch Foundation, British Council, Peace Corps, The American House, the French Cultural Center, Alliance Francaise with which faculty steps towards strengthening relations. The faculty has Scientific Library for Foreign Literature.
An important focus of the Faculty which helps to improve the level of training, is close co-operation with national and foreign universities, international organizations and linguistic departments of foreign embassies. Leading academics of the Faculty constantly invited to give lectures to other universities in Ukraine. Famous professors of Ukraine, UK, USA, France, Germany systematically read courses and conduct seminars for students.
Achieving of the Faculty researchers highlighted at the annual scientific conference of students and professors of ZNU, the international conference "New Approaches to Studies in higher education" (held in September of even every year), professional collections of "Visnyk ZNU. Philological sciences","New Philology", as well as other specialized journals of Ukraine, CIS and Europe.
Students Faculty of Foreign Languages actively engage in research work, they participate in student and national conferences. Every year the best student research receive diplomas at the National competition of scientific works. At the Faculty acts MA and postgraduate studies.

The faculty consists of 6 Departments:

  • Department of English Philology (Head — D.Sc. in Philology, associate professor Yenikyeyeva Saniya Marativna), ph. #289-12-59;
  • Department of German Philology (Head — Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor Vapirov Serhiy Yuriyovych), ph. #289-12-71;
  • Department of Romance Philology (Head — Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor Sharhay Iryna Yevhenivna), ph. #289-12-56;
  • Department of Translation Theory and Practice (Head — D.Sc. in Philology, professor Zatsny Yuriy Antonovych), ph. #289-12-27;
  • Department of Teaching Second Language (Head — Ph.D. in Pedagogics, associate professor Ruzhyn Kateryna Mykhaylivna), ph. #289-12-49;
  • Department of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes (Head — Ph.D. in Philology, associate professor Ivanenko Stanislav Valentynovych), ph. #289-12-56;

At the faculty are 3 research and teaching centers, more than 10 scientific societies and art groups of students.
Teachers and students of the Faculty commonly used resources in their work:

  • three video classes;
  • computer room;
  • the Internet and parabolic systems;
  • modernly equipped Phonolaboratory;
  • library of multimedia education.

During their studies at the Faculty students:
gain knowledge in modern foreign languages, knowledge of classical Latin, ancient and foreign literature;
Study such theoretical courses as general linguistics, theoretical grammar, history of language, lexicology, orinted-culture linguistics, philosophical linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, sociolinguistics, political linguistics;
comprehensively study the theory of literature, European literature process from the Middle Ages to the present;
get knowledge of folklore.
Knowledge in the field of law, management and marketing, cultural history, sociology, psychology and pedagogics in conjunction with classical education and fluent in two or three modern foreign languages make our graduates people who need a modern economy and culture of Ukraine.

The scientific potential of the Faculty

Faculty of Foreign Languages is one of the leading centers of national science. Under the guidance of experienced and talented professionals (professors, Ph.D.'s) performed scientific research in a wide range of modern, relevant philological studies such as:

  • cognitive linguistics and discourse;
  • development of the vocabulary of Germanic and Romance languages;
  • functional and pragmatic study of linguistic units;
  • linguo-cultural and sociolinguistics studies;
  • actual problems of translation and intercultural communication;
  • modern question of world literary process;
  • contemporary issues of teaching methods of philological sciences;
  • philosophy of language.

Effective functioning and branching scientific paradigm of Faculty of Foreign Languages contributes a targeted postgraduate studies of specialties "Germanic languages", "Romance languages", "Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages", "Translatology".

Scientific and Methodological Centers

At the Faculty functioning:

  • Foreign Languages Intensive Study Center (ph. #764-40-17,2nd academic building, 2nd floor, office 249) gives students of ZNU and other universities of Zaporizhzhya proper knowledge of English, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek language. At the end of the courses, students will receive a certificate. Center preparing for exams (tests) to obtain international certificates English TOEFL, IELTS (British Council).
  • French Language Center (ph. #289-12-56)conducts preparation for exams to receive the International French diploma DELF, which confirms the general level of knowledge of the French language and is a prerequisite for obtaining internships (especially for students of natural, technical, legal and economic specialties) and for entering the higher educational institutions of Francophone countries.
  • German Language Study Center (ph. #289-12-71)offers learning German by European standards using intensive communication technologies, prepare students for the exams to obtain official certificates Institute. Goethe (Germany), "German for foreigners» (Zertifikat Deutsch), «Central exam midrange» (Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung), etc..
  • Laboratory of advanced learning technologies - a joint project of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine and of ZNU - implement new learning technologies and shaping information culture of students-philologists, monitors information education market, introduces module - rating methodology training as an object of study, explores the Internet as a market information service.

International relations

An important direction of the Faculty which improves the level of training, there is close co-operation with national and foreign universities, international organizations and linguistic departments of foreign embassies. Leading teachers of the Faculty are always invited to give lectures to other universities in the world. Famous professors of Ukraine, UK, USA, France, Germany systematically read courses and conduct seminars for students.
Faculty entered into an agreement with a French university city of Le Mans, according to which on 1 September 2010 students of "French Language and Literature" have the opportunity to study remotely and receive a MA diploma at the University du Maine.

Students' life

For the creative abilities of students in the Faculty operate :

  • Club of the witty and creative;
  • French-language theater, repeatedly became the laureate of French-language theater at the Embassy of France in Ukraine;
  • literary club, which organized literary matinees for poetry lovers.

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