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Scientific work of the Department

Scientific research is being carried out by the staff of the English Philology chair within several scientific topics: «Methodological innovations in language poly-cultural education», «Modern language and literature education in poly-cultural European context», «Modern education technologies in methodological training of students-philologists for intercultural communication” and scientific topics of the Foreign Philology Faculty of Zaporizhzhya National University: «Cognitive and discursive aspects of language units functioning», «Evolution of Germanic and Romance vocabulary and the issues of translation». The Chair provides the opportunity for postgraduate studies in 3 specialties: «Germanic languages», «Literature of Foreign countries», «Methodology of foreign languages teaching».

The Chair members are constantly improving their qualification level: since the chair foundation five doctoral theses (V.I. Skybina, N.M. Torkut, T.A. Pakhomova, A.I Prykhod’ko, S.M. Yenikeyeva), as well as a series of PhD theses have been defended. Teachers of the English Philology Chair are the members of Ukrainian and International scientific associations. All Chair members participate in the work of training seminars held in Ukraine, international conferences all over the world, publish their scientific articles both in Ukrainian and international journals, cooperate with students and co-author scientific works with them. Alumni of the Chair – students and PhD students – win awards in Ukrainian scientific contests, get scholarships of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, receive diplomas for the best scientific reports as conferences participants. Participation in numerous international projects is also among the achievements of the chair.

Scientific interests of the staff of the English Philology Department:

  • D. Sc., Prof. S.М. Yenikeyeva– «Innovations in modern English»,
  • D. Sc., Prof. Т.О.Pakhomova – «Theory and methodology of teaching Germanic languages»,
  • D. Sc., Prof. A.І. Prykhod’ko – «Cognitive and discursive potential of language units» and «The role of evaluation in the linguistic picture of the world»,
  • PhD, Assoc. Prof. К.М. Vasylyna – «Specific features of the development of the English literature of Renaissance and Baroque»,
  • PhD, Assoc. Prof. І.М.Shama – «Genre and stylistic aspects of translation process and symbolism of the literary text in the original and translation»,
  • PhD, Assoc. Prof. Т.О.Kozlova – «Issues of language and culture co-evolution»,
  • PhD, Assoc. Prof. Yu.І. Golub – «Language and linguo-cultural communication»,
  • PhD, Assoc. Prof. N.О. Nadtochiy – «Motivation sphere of students’ personality and conditions of its formation in pedagogics»,
  • PhD, Assoc. Prof. І.А.Galutskikh – «Issues of language evolution” and “Cognitive and semiotic analysis of literary text”,
  • PhD, Assoc. Prof. О.І.Luzhanytsya – «Sociolinguistic, ethno-cultural and lexicographic issues of dialectology and evolution of the English vocabulary”, “English Phonetics: theory and practice»,
  • PhD, Senior lecturer D.М. Lazarenko – «Comparative studies», «Renaissance studies», «Shakespeare studies»,
  • PhD, Assoc. Prof. О.V. Shevchuk – «Relevant issues of cognitive grammar»,
  • PhD, Senior lecturer. М.V. Zaluzhna – «Text linguistics, pragmatics of language units»
  • Senior lecturer V.М. Yemelyanova – «Professional orientation work as a means of the formation of educational and professional motivation of a student»,
  • Lecturer E.О. Veremchuk – «Word-formation mechanisms of neologisms formation of English and their linguo-cognitive analysis».

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