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Department of world history and international relations

Established in 1975. Since 2006 the department has changed its name – “Department of world history and international relations”.

Head of a chair – O.M.Makliuk.

Many professors and associate professors work here. The department provides performance of scientific work on subjects of world history (from prehistory to contemporary history of foreign countries of Europe, Asia, America, Africa) and international relations. Since the 1985/1986 academic year the department has established special subject on world history and since 1995 has begun turn-out of specialists.

Lecturers of the department give special courses "History of international relations", "History of social and political thought", "Historical portraits of political and public figures of foreign countries", "Information technology in historical researches", "Political systems of foreign countries", "Demographic and social structure of the population of regional nations "," Internal political development of countries of the world " and so on.

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