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Faculty of Journalism

Dean of the faculty

Kostiuk Viktor Volodymyrovych

Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Associate professor of the Department of Journalism

Address: Zhukovskyi Str., 66 B (II academic building of ZNU), aud. 245
Ph.# +38(061) 289-41-11, (061) 289-41-11


The Faculty of Journalism was founded in 1997. The Faculty offers following study programs: Journalism (BA and MA), Publishing, Editing and Media Modeling (BA), Informational Activities in Business, Politics and Public Administration (BA), Advertising and Public Relations (BA and MA), Media Communications (MA). Currently it consists of three departments, which include 3 Doctors of Science (Hab.), 21 PhDs and 10 lecturers. Two professors conducted research in the USA on Fulbright Program and IREX programs; others participated in conferences and trainings in Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, USA, Belarus and Russia. ZNU has well-developed practical journalism base. It holds Press Centre, newspaper ‘Zaporizhzhia University’, internet radio ‘Universe’, local student TV Studio ‘Universe’ (weekly digital cable broadcasting), and student’s independent internet-portal ‘Porogy’. Professionals supervise students in their work at these mass media; they are the places for journalism internships that enhance student’s future employability and development of professional portfolios.

Since 2015 Faculty of Journalism of ZNU’s structural element is South Ukrainian Media Literacy Centre, aimed at spreading media education in the region, working with children and youth, journalism and non-journalism students, secondary schools teachers to promote critical thinking, enhance their media literacy, fight fake news and propaganda in mass media.

Faculty of Journalism is a member of two Erasmus+ KA2 consortiums within DESTIN and MultiEd Projects, coordinates Erasmus+ Jean Monet project “European Media Standards and Values for Independent Journalism in Post-Truth Era/ EU-Indy” (2020-2023) and is a member of another Erasmus+ Jean Monet project “Tailoring European Memory Politics for Peacemaking in Ukrainian Society” (2020-2023).