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Centre for Independent Sociological Research

What are we doing?

  1. We providing feedback between management and university staff, in order to improve the effectiveness of management decisions and create a comfortable atmosphere for studying and working in the walls of the institution of higher education;
  2. We providing diagnosis, analysis and forecasting features of the development of regional and national markets for educational services, in order to maintain the leading position in the university sector;
  3. We providing professional consultations in organizational, cultural, economic, social and political spheres of the region and whole Ukraine.

Who is our audience?

  1. University community;
  2. Student society, which seeks to participate in the management of the university;
  3. Students sociologists, political scientists, social workers;
  4. Professionals in the field of sociological, political, market research requiring high-quality and reliable information on the Zaporizhzhya region;
  5. Businessmen and individuals, who require skilled counseling organization, optimization and reorganization of the business;

How to contact us?

Tel.: +380 (61) 289-41-43